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Cleaning Sealing Paver

Maintaining pavers is essential to keep the pristine presentation of your landscape. A beautiful pavement will add a whole new dimension to an outdoor area. Paver’s require little maintenance and will last a lifetime if they are properly looked after. Maintaining your pavers will surely assist in keeping the appearance and prolonging the usable life of your outdoor living space.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping highly recommend that you seal your pavers once the job is complete, many benefits associated with sealing your pavers, you would be crazy not to!

Competitive Paving & Landscaping will clean your pavers with a whirl away high pressure machine .24hrs later applying two coats penetrating sealer to get the best results, reapply every 5 years.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping are highly trained in sealing & with the knowledge & expertise we have the right sealer to suit your job as there are many sealers on the market. We have been using the same penetrating sealer for over 12 years now, with great feedback from our clients.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping we recommend penetrating sealer & to stay away from surface sealers as they are slippery when wet & wears unevenly which is noticeable.


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